Legalize energy freedom

Historians will view the early 21st Century as the time when America reversed its geographical energy deficit to become the world's leading oil and natural gas producer... overcoming the federal policies of an opposition president.



Oil and Gas Energize U.S. Job Market

The American job market is the best it's been in six years... This U.S. energy boom is creating many new jobs here in America, and it's a leading contributor to American workers' vaulting out of the unemployment line and into the middle class.



William S. Cohen: Why President Obama Should Export Crude Oil

The core of our strength overseas is economic strength at home. The president would be wise to consider alternatives that would enhance his trade legacy and also further our strategic priorities overseas.



Think of energy independence on Memorial Day

As veterans, we especially hope that you, our countrymen, will embrace this moment, take a break from whatever you're doing at exactly 3 p.m. local time on Monday, May 25



Talk Infrastructure - Build Keystone XL Pipeline

Vice President Joe Biden underscored the administration's call for infrastructure spending... that focused on the country's deteriorating delivery and transportation systems... the U.S. needs major investments in energy infrastructure.



Opinion: Approving Energy Exports Would Unlock Huge Economic Growth

The Department of Energy recently approved an application from Alaska LNG to export natural gas. But there's a catch: these exports can only go to nations where the United States has a free-trade agreement in place.



North Dakota town evacuated after oil cars derail and catch fire

The small North Dakota community of Heimdal and surrounding farmsteads were evacuated after an oil tanker train derailed Wednesday morning. The BNSF Railway oil tanker train derailed about 7:30 a.m. about a mile and half east of Heimdal.



America's Good News Energy Story

The U.S. is set to reap big strategic rewards from the fracking revolution.



North Dakota approves project to recycle oil drilling waste for roads

North Dakota lawmakers have approved a measure aimed at treating and recycling oil drilling waste for road building and other uses.



Gazette Opinion: Montana infrastructure bills must be completed

With just three weeks left in the 2015 session, infrastructure bills are still under construction in the Montana Capitol. Eastern Montana has special infrastructure needs now. So does Yellowstone County and the rest of our great state. The Legislature has the difficult job of balancing demands for infrastructure with the state budget. Lawmakers must approve a fair plan. The worst outcome for the entire state would be for the Legislature to adjourn having failed to invest in the public facilities that Montana needs to thrive and grow.