The U.S. is not opening the tap on crude oil exports

A planned deal to swap Mexican crude for lighter and more expensive U.S. oil is just a drop in the bucket toward ending a 40-year ban.



An antiquated oil export ban

As part of the new nuclear agreement, the Iranian energy industry will be allowed to export its oil. If only America was so lucky.



Guest Opinion: Murkowski's minerals bill a perfect fit for enrgy package

With an unemployment rate still higher than pre-recession levels, Montana needs its lawmakers to take a stand on policies that will create jobs, support the economy and grow industries vital to our communities. I agree with Murkowski that the addition of the minerals bills enhances the larger Senate energy package. It's crucial now that the rest of the Senate, including our own Tester and Daines, follows her lead and lends their support for this legislation. Doing so will be a clear win for Montana and the rest of the country.



US eases crude oil export ban; allows trading with Mexico

The Obama administration approved limited crude oil trading with Mexico on Friday, further easing the longstanding U.S. ban on crude exports that has drawn consternation from Republicans and energy producers.



Rule is really about shutting down energy development

Imposing an arbitrary, one-size-fits-all setback requirement is a non-solution in search of a problem. It is a proposal absent of any sound scientific backing and is being done as part of a broader war on energy development



Gazette opinion: Put somedistance between oil wells and Montana homes

Other state oil and gas boards have administratively created setbacks to protect homeowners. Montana should take a cue from its neighbors and do likewise. Future conflicts between residents and resource development can be reduced it the Board of Oil and Gas seizes this opportunity to be proactive.



The Iran Irony

While the U.S. advances a nuclear deal that would let Iran reemerge as a major oil supplier on the global market - to Iran's economic and competitive gain - the United States denies itself similar benefits by banning its own crude exports. This is hurting America....



Energy industry lobbying arm lays out wish list for White House hopefuls

As Republican presidential candidates prepare for their first debate on Thursday, the leader of the nation's top oil industry trade group said it's time for them to provide more details about their plans for U.S. energy policy.



U.S. Oil Exports - For Our Security And The World's

We've stressed the economic benefits of lifting the ban on U.S. crude oil exports... and would affect virtually every American in a positive way. No less important are the benefits for American security and foreign policy from letting U.S. crude trade freely in the global marketplace.



Keystone's southern leg hits milestone

The existing, southern segment of the Keystone oil pipeline system has pumped its billionth barrel, owner TransCanada Corp. said Monday. The company is using the milestone to promote the safety of its pipeline and push the Obama administration to approve the highly controversial northern segment, known as Keystone XL.