Mining initiative sacrifices good jobs for undefined standards

August 3, 2018

Montana’s working families are what make Montana the last best place. It’s a place where you can find a good job and a great quality of life. Workers know there is common ground between protecting dignified jobs with wages that support a family and a clean environment for all to enjoy. I-186 attacks that balance and sacrifices the good jobs by putting in place standards that are undefined and probably unattainable. That’s why the Montana AFL-CIO is opposing I-186.

We are incredibly disappointed by the out-of-state special interests who have chosen to put I-186 on the ballot. Not only will I-186 kill family wage jobs and prevent more from being created, the ballot initiative is so poorly written that no one knows exactly what it will do — not even the lawyers that drafted it. What I’m sure it will accomplish is creating an avalanche of lawsuits, which is good for lawyers, but very bad for workers...

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